"Ultra-lightweight performance meets VTOL versatility

Raptor EV

"UP to 5 hours endurance with LiPo


Unbeatable Price in long endurance missions.


Raptor EV is where high performance design meets VTOL versatility.


With hybrid flying modes and VTOL functionality you can fly from almost anywhere.


The Raptor EV borrows the same airfoils as the long endurance E1.




 Cruise Speed              16-18   m/s

 Maximum Speed         24        m/s

 Stall  Speed                  12        m/s

 Engine                          Brushless motors

 Power                           LiPo





Operational and Payload


 ISR                         EO & thermal UAV turret

 Mapping                42 MP mapping sensor

 LIDAR                    YellowScan Surveyor

 Multi-spectral       7 channel




Logistics supply


Transfer small parcels up to 2 Kg more than 200 Km






* A transponder can be integrated for increased airspace integration.





UP to 8,000 hectares of HD imagery in one charge








Length:            1.2 meters/3.9ft

Wingspan:      3.0meters/9.8ft





Operational Ceiling            8,000m/26,000 ft

Endurance                           5 hours *


*Subject to Power setup, payload and conditions




Collect up to 10,000 hectares of multispectral imagery in one charge







Rugged carry cases






Pre-order for summer 2017


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" performance meets versatility

"UP to 5 hours endurance with LiPo