"UP to 24 hours endurance

"Ultra-lightweight performance meets VTOL versatility

Unbeatable Price in long endurance missions.


Raptor LE E2 delivers the ultimate long endurance platform. Atmospheric research , wild animal conservation, early warning fire detection  are among the missions the platform is most suited for. Following in the success of the innovative construction of Raptor E1 it delivers an equally rugged platform for long endurance missions.




Length:            2.0 meters/6.5ft

Wingspan:      5.2 meters/17.0ft




Operational Ceiling            8,000m/26,000 ft

Endurance                            24h+*


*Subject to Power setup, payload and conditions


Cruise Speed              42-60   knots

Maximum Speed         80        knots

Stall Speed                ~24         knots

Engine                        twin brushless electric motors

Power                          LiPo,Fuel Cell*


* Thin Film PV cells can be integrated increasing the flight time to 24 hr+




Operational and Payload

HD imagery and multispectral , Atmospheric sensors*

4+kg useful payload


* A transponder can be integrated for increased airspace integration.

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" performance meets versatility

"UP to 24 hours endurance